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EMU Professional
EMU Allrounder

Commissioning: 3-phase energy meter EMU Professional/Allrounder

To check for operation:

  • Current per phase: positive energy direction?
    If you have a minus sign, replace S1/S2. Input and output respectively.
  • Meter with transformer connection: Proper phase voltage connected?
    Appears on the display L123?
  • Bus-system: correct address includin baud rate?

Current transformer ratio

Current transformer ratio ca be adjusted from 5/5 to 20'000A and 1/1 to 4'000/1A
Left (blue) key = Change of digit / number
Right (red) key = Go to next digit / number


The EMU Professional/Allrounder has a backstop.
EMU Allrounder: Power is measured only in positive direction(reference).
EMU Professional: Power is measured in the negative direction (delivery) and positive direction (reference) and written in a separate register. The count is never decremented or decreased.

M-Bus address/baud rate

Primary and secondary adress, baud rate and read-out data can be configured by the free EMU MB-Connect software or by the keys.
Possible baud rates:
300, 600, 1'200, 2'400 (default), 4'800 and 9'600baud.

M-Bus read out data

The M-Bus read out data from the EMU Professional/Allrounder can be configured by the free EMU MB-Connect software. To get the desired values via M-Bus.

pulse rate/pulse lengths

Pulse rate and pulse lengths can be configured by the keys.

Possible pulse rate/length:

0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1'000 or 10'000 pulse
4 to 250 ms in 2ms- steps

Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, HTTP Direct, and smart-me simultaneously active

The telegrams mentioned can all be enabled.

BACnet IP: Device ID

The Device IP of the EMU Professionals corresponds to the last 20 bits of the MAC address.