EMU 1/40

EMU 1/40

EMU 1/40

1-phase energy meter with MID B + D approval
and M-Bus for energy management according to ISO 50001



The configuration of the alternating current meter EMU 1/40 takes place via the button

  • M-Bus primary address

The M-Bus addressing and baud rate can also be configured with the free EMU MB-Connect software.



  • 1-phase AC meter 40A
  • S0 pulse output 1000 pulses / kWh
  • Optional M-Bus interface
  • Accuracy class B (1%)
  • MID approval for billing purposes and ISO 50001


Readout interface

The 1-phase AC meter EMU 1/40 is available with the following optional readout interface:

  • M-Bus


S0 pulse output

  • Pulse rate: 1000 pulses per kWh
  • Pulse length: 100 ms
  • Voltage: Max. 27VDC, 27mA



An LC-Display with LED backlighting allows for a high contrast read-out of measurements.



Thanks to the MID B + D approval, the 1-phase energy meter EMU 1/40 can be used for billing purposes ex factory.

  • MID module B = type test of the energy meter
  • MID module D = manufacturer's production process has been certified

Due to the additional certification according to module D, QM system for the production and final inspection, you can use all EMU 1/40 for billing purposes ex factory.

Direct connection

Item number Description
950505 EMU 1/40 mit S0 Impulsausgang

950506 EMU 1/40 mit S0 Impulsausgang und M-Bus