Energy management and billing


Energy management & billing

ISO 50001 certified
Installation: Local or in data center
Unlimited number of data points

Made in Switzerland  

Consumption data conditions

Use our ISO 50001 Energy Management System to monitor all usage data and bill utilities at the push of a button.  Joulio-Web EMS can quickly be integrated into an existing IT landscape and scaled to an unlimited number of meters or locations.

Our energy management software "Joulio-Web" is ISO 50001 certified

The web-based software automatically records and analyses all relevant energy and process data. This data allows decisions to be made quickly or processes modified to prevent exceeding energy peaks.

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Features and requirements per ISO 50001

  • Continuous data evaluation
  • Visualisation incl. individual charts
  • Automated reporting
  • Alerting
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Support & update service
  • Cost centre & residential billing

Grafische Verbrauchsauswertung


  • M-Bus via EMU M-Bus Center
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU (via Modbus TCP / Mobus RTU Master)
  • CSV Import via FTP
  • CSV Import via Web-Interface (GUI)
  • Manual data input
  • Further interfaces in development

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Customer benefits

  • Quickly ready to use and integrated into existing IT landscapes
  • Supports popular multi-make meters
  • Energy usage becomes transparent
  • Visualisation and reporting for ISO 50001 certification
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • Scalable, unlimited number of meters and locations
  • Software, energy meter, set-up straight from the manufacturer



  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Sankey graph
  • Load profile analysis
  • Graph customisation
  • Each graph may be used for any measurement
  • Further visualisations planned

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General menu navigation

  • Dashboard with user-friendly grouping
  • Overview of all meters
  • Meter and data logger configuration
  • Backup and data export



  • Time-controlled reporting, e.g. daily, monthly
  • Event-driven reports
  • Custom report contents
  • E-mail transmission in common formats



  • Custom thresholds
  • Custom tolerance bands
  • E-mailed alarms

Itemnumber Description
EMS0EL000 EEnergy Management ISO 50001 | Joulio Basic, Incl. Licence for 30 devices

LIC0EL010 Licence for 10 devices

LIC0EL050 Licence for 50 devices

LIC0EL100Licence for 100 devices

UP0EL000Update Joulio-Web Basic Incl. 30 devices

UP0ELL00Update Joulio-Web | additional devices