M-Bus data logger

EMU M-Bus Center

EMU M-Center

M-Bus data logger with integrated web-server
Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 ready
M-Bus to BACnet IP and OPC UA

Made in Switzerland  

Flexible and expandable

The M-Center is configured entirely using an appealing, user-friendly interface operable with any customary web browser (HTML5).

M-Bus to BACnet IP Gateway

Furthermore the M-Center is an ideal system component for integration into a BACnet IP network. Once an M-Bus meter is registered or imported to a Center, it is immediately readable via the BACnet IP. The M-Center and the registered M-Bus slaves are each detected as separate device objects with a static list of analogue input objects (M-Bus value). Integration into a higher-level BACnet IP system requires no configuration.

Allgemeine Menüführung

General menu navigation

  • Overview of all meters
  • Meter and data logger configuration
  • Backup and data export
  • Status of the M-Bus readout is immediately visible

Momentante und Historische Messwerte

Ongoing and historic measurements

  • Meter identification including name, cost centre and location
  • Measurements of the last readout
  • Last readout of specific dates, e.g. end of month

Grafische Verbrauchsauswertung


Testing and commissioning

The M-Center with integrated high-power level converter enables rapid configuration and commissioning.
The automated read-out of up to 250 M-Bus slaves guarantees error-free and continuous data acquisition for later use in analysis and billing.

  • Automatic meter scan
  • Supports M-Bus primary and secondary address
  • 300 to 9600 baud, 2400 baud recommended

Anbindung an Energiemanagement nach ISO 50001

Plug & Play communication to
energy management and billing software.

As an open energy management system, all energy meters with M-Bus are read. If necessary, individual device drivers can be created. All available measured values are archived and transferred to a higher-level energy management and billing system e.g. EMU Joulio-Web



Protection of investment

The open communication and gateway functions
allow our energy meters and data loggers to communicate
with systems of different manufacturers.
This protects your hardware and installation investments.

Hard- und Software

Hard- and Software

Integrated high performance level converter
Modular software architecture
M-Bus short-circuit and current monitor

Integration in bestehende Systeme

Data communication

M-Bus to BACnet IP
M-Bus to OPC UA
Data export as .CSV and .JSON
(s)FTP Upload

Item Numscription 210.000.00 EMU M-Center
210.020.01 M-Center | M-Bus Lizenzerweiterung 20 auf 60 M-Bus Devices
210.020.02 M-Center | M-Bus Lizenzerweiterung 20 auf 120 M-Bus Devices
210.020.03 M-Center | M-Bus Lizenzerweiterung 20 auf 2500 M-Bus Devices