Konfiguration EMU Professional & Allrounder

Configuration EMU Professional & Allrounder

Fragen und Antworten

Questions and answers

Check before operation:

  • Current per phase: positive energy direction?
    If any of your currents show a minus sign, check if  S1↑ and S2↓ (Lx↑ and Lx↓ for direct meters) are correctly connected. Xx↑ is always on the grid side.
  • Converter counter: Proper phase voltage connected?
    If a blinking L123 appears on the display, one or more of your phase voltages is wrongly connected.
  • Bus-system: correct address, including baud rate?

Current transformer ratio can be adjusted from 5/5 to 20'000A and 1/1 to 4'000/1A
Left (blue) key = Change of digit / number
Right (red) key = Increment digit / number

The EMU Professional/Allrounder has a backstop.
EMU Allrounder: Power is measured only in the positive direction (reference).
EMU Professional: Power is measured in the negative direction (delivery) and positive direction (reference) and stored to separate registers. Both measurements are never decremented or decreased.

Primary and secondary adress, baud rate and read-out data can be configured with the free EMU MB-Connect software or by using the keys on the meter.
Possible baud rates:
300, 600, 1'200, 2'400 (default), 4'800 and 9'600 baud.

To get the desired values via M-Bus the read-out data from the EMU Professional/Allrounder can be configured by the free EMU MB-Connect software. .

Pulse rate and pulse length can be configured with the keys on the device.

0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1'000 or 10'000 pulse
4 to 250 ms in steps of 2ms

All the following telegrams can be enabled:

  • Modbus TCP
  • BACnet IP
  • HTTP Direct
  • Joulio-Web

The Device IP of the EMU Professionals corresponds to the last 20 bits of the MAC address