Energy management and billing


Energy management & billing with

ISO 50001 certified
Installation: Local or in data center
Unlimited number of data points

Made in Switzerland  

Overview of Consumption and Production

Use our ISO 50001 Energy Management System "Joulio-Web" to monitor all usage data and bill utilities at the push of a button.  Joulio-Web EMS can be quickly integrated into an existing IT landscape and scaled to an unlimited number of meters or locations.

Our energy management software "Joulio-Web" is ISO 50001 certified

The web-based software automatically records and analyses all relevant energy and process data. This data allows for fast decision-making and process-adjusting to prevent energy peaks.

Allgemeine Menüführung

Features and requirements according to ISO 50001

  • Continuous data evaluation
  • Visualisation incl. individual charts
  • Automated reporting
  • Alerting
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Support & update service
  • Cost center & residential billing

Grafische Verbrauchsauswertung


  • M-Bus via EMU M-Bus Center
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU (via Modbus TCP / Mobus RTU Master)
  • CSV Import via FTP
  • CSV Import via Web-Interface (GUI)
  • Manual data input
  • Further interfaces in development

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Customer benefits

  • Fast installation and integration of Joulio-Web into existing IT landscapes
  • Supports popular multi-make meters
  • Energy usage becomes transparent
  • Visualisation and reporting according to ISO 50001 certification
  • Automatic monthly reports
  • Scalable, unlimited number of meters and locations
  • No middlemen: Software and energy meters, set-up straight from the manufacturer



  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Sankey graph
  • Load profile analysis
  • Graph customisation
  • Each graph may be used for any measurement
  • Further visualisations planned

Allgemeine Menüführung

General menu navigation

  • Dashboard with user-friendly grouping
  • Overview of all meters
  • Meter and data logger configuration
  • Backup and data export



  • Time-controlled reporting, e.g. daily, monthly
  • Event-driven reports
  • Custom report contents
  • E-mail delivery in common formats



  • Custom thresholds
  • Custom tolerance bands
  • E-mail notification on alarms

Item number Description
EMS0EL000 Energy Management ISO 50001 | Joulio-Web Basic, Incl. Licence for 30 devices

LIC0EL010 Licence for 10 devices

LIC0EL050 Licence for 50 devices

LIC0EL100Licence for 100 devices

UP0EL000Update Joulio-Web Basic Incl. 30 devices

UP0ELL00Update Joulio-Web | additional devices